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2nd Ribbon Colour (if required)

See photos below for help choosing ribbon colours


On the front of the Post Box attached to card it has:

  • A white bow
  • Wide coloured ribbon
  • Floral ribbon
  • Lace


  • It is a light Ivory colour
  • It comes flat packed. To open it, all you need to do is fold out the bottom and put together the lid


Fancy 10% off?

Buy this Personalised Post Box with a matching Personalised Guest Book to get 10% off the lot! Use code together at the checkout.

2nd Ribbon Colour

If you have 2 colours in your theme, I can add a 2nd ribbon to your post box. If you would like 2 ribbon colours, I can do that for you! Here’s an example what this looks like on a double-ribbon guestbook:


Your post box can have any text you wish for the front, in any style, in addition to what you see in the photos. Simply put n/a in the options fields and email me afterwards with the text you wish to have.

The post box comes flat packed. All it needs to be assembled is one gentle push at the bottom, in an outwards motion.

Personalised Text Versions

Version 1 text:
Thank you
for sharing our special day
[Wedding Date]
Please post cards here for safe keeping
Thank you

Version 2 text:
Our Wedding Post Box
[Wedding Date]
Thank you for sharing our special day.
Please post cards here for safe keeping.
Thank you

Alternatively, the text can be 100% customisable should neither version suit your needs. Simply put the new text in the ‘Alternative Text’ field, or drop me an email.

How do I build up the lid?

Okay so if you haven’t done it before, it can be tricky and a bit fiddly. This video I put together explains how to fold your lid in a few minutes.


I’m pleased to say postage is FREE. 

I send post boxes via Evri within 4 working days of receiving the order. If you need items sooner, I can usually do this but contact me before you purchase, just to make sure.

During ordering: 

  • Let me know of a ‘safe place’ for the delivery to be made, if you are not in

What happens after you order?

  • I purchase 2-5 day delivery via Evri website. I insure the items and select that a signature is required
  • I provide to Evri your email address, so you can 1. keep track of the delivery 2. re-arrange delivery easily if you aren’t in when it’s delivery 3. opt to deliver to neighbour.

Please let me know when you order using the ‘Notes’ section on the Checkout if you want any changes making. 

Once I’ve made your post box I usually put photos on my Facebook page. So please check it out 🙂

Ribbon Sample

Each sample is approx 2 inches, helping you understand if it matches your theme.

I understand how important it is on your big day to make sure all colours match – that’s why I’m offering ribbon samples to be ordered in my online shop!

Order your sample here.


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