Verve Greens Powder – my honest review of the Benefits, Taste and Morning Routine

Verve (or VaVaVerve, as they’re commonly known) is a UK-based brand that sells an 80-ingredient greens drink backed by science. Verve is FDA-approved, and its greens powder is free from allergens and vegan/vegetarian safe. They kindly sent me their V80 kit, which includes a large greens pouch, glass water bottle, refillable stainless steel storage tin, […]

How do you run when you have a 9-5?

How do you fit in a weekday run when you work 9-5, aren’t a morning person and have a busy 5-9? Welcome to my life. Here is my plan on how to successfully have a 30-minute lunchtime run midweek and be back in time for those afternoon Teams calls. If you get an hour’s lunch […]

How do you stay safe when running? Tips from a woman

I’ve been running on and off for 20 years and wanted to put together a list of all the things I either use or have heard of that’ll help to keep us safe during our running journey. Even if you have all of these things, always be vigilant and have your wits about you. Live […]

Top 9 things to expect when starting Couch to 5k running plan

You’re excited to start your couch to 5k journey and after doing it myself, you’re going to love it! I still run now, a few years since completing couch to 5k twice. It gave me the confidence to pace myself but it didn’t prepare me for everything – that’s what my blog is for! Here […]

Beginners Couch to 5k top 10 popular running questions answered

The couch to 5k program gets you running 5k in 30 minutes over a 9-week plan, by gradually increasing distance and total time running (instead of walking) each week. If you’re out of shape and want to improve your fitness, or never worked out, the program would be a great way for you to get […]

Shokz OpenFit Discount Promo Coupon Codes (that work) in 2024, updated!

If you’re after Shokz headphones, it’s worth looking for a discount code, as the prices are pretty hefty. I’ve bought OpenFit and got 10% off by signing up to the newsletter on the Shokz website. There are other codes around and I’ve listed below ways to find them. November – Black Friday deals Shokz are […]

Shokz OpenFit Review after using for 2 months

I bought Shokz OpenFit for myself as a birthday present back in July. I figured it was about time I did a thorough review of how I’m using them, what I like, what I dislike and suggestions if you’re not sure about purchasing. First of all, they’re very unique headphones built with certain features, including: […]

BEIS Sport Sling Crossbody Bag in Beige – my full review

After buying the expandable backpack in September 2022, I’d been keeping my eye out for the sling to be available, as it’s currently out of stock everywhere. Little did I know my eagle-eyed husband signed up to receive stock updates on, and managed to snag one in the days it was in stock. It’s […]