Ribbon Sample

Get as many samples as you need for £1.50 that will be refunded when you make a purchase! 

When you order a ribbon sample, you get an email confirmation which contains your order number. It’s this order number you can use as your ‘voucher code’ when you come back to make a purchase to get your £1.50 back.

No games, no messing, no catch.



More ribbon colours

Select as many as you like


Each sample is approx 2 inches, helping you understand if it matches your theme.

I understand how important it is on your big day to make sure all colours match – that’s why I’m offering ribbon samples to be ordered in my online shop!

You can order as many samples as you like – all for one price. The FULL price you pay will be knocked off your next order using your order ID from your ribbon sample order.


Delivery is FREE!

I will post the day after you have placed your order.

Your order ID will be added to my voucher codes as soon as you have placed your order, which you can then use on your next order. Voucher codes can be added to the ‘coupon’ field on the Checkout page.


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