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How Does Il Makiage Foundation Shade 35 Cope On Oily Skin

Wondering if Il Makiage’s shade 35 foundation is right for you? If you’re like me and have purchased dozens of foundations online, only for it to be the wrong shade and seemingly end up on eBay, this article is for you.

I’ve been wearing the Il Makiage ‘Woke Up Like This’ foundation for about a year, and decided on the shade 35 after doing their POWERMATCH quiz.

How does POWERMATCH work?

They have over 50 shades to choose from, and you can return it if you don’t like the colour within 30 or 60 days depending on whether you’ve used the quiz or not. See Il Makiage foundation here.

Il Makiage shade 35 - powermatch shade matcher
they have over 50 shades to choose from, which is a bit overwhelming. I used their POWERMATCH quiz where I answered several questions and was matched to 35 which is perfect for me

By using the POWERMATCH quiz you get 60 days to return the foundation if you don’t like it. You get a choice of over 50 shades and the tool tells you which they’d recommend. When I did this, the colour recommended was my perfect shade – shade #35.

Their returns policy is impressive – you can return it if you’re not happy. This gave me a lot of confidence I’ll get my money back if it’s the wrong shade (or if I just don’t like it) as it’s risky buying something like this online. I personally never expect to get the right shade the first time and have sold countless foundations on eBay for a fraction of their cost.

Il Makiage shade 35 - powermatch shade matcher
this is how shade 35 looks on the website
Il Makiage 'woke up like this' foundation shade 35 - powermatch shade matcher
Il Makiage shade 35 foundation close up
Il Makiage 'woke up like this' foundation shade 35 - powermatch shade matcher
It’s a little light for me at the moment as we’ve had a summer of sun here in the UK – it’ll fade soon though – this is Il Makiage shade 35
Il Makiage 'woke up like this' foundation shade 35 - powermatch shade matcher
this is me wearing Il Makiage foundation shade 35

My Tiktok showing how I apply the foundation:


my full @IL MAKIAGE ‘woke up like this’ foundation make up routine. I’m shade 35 & was matched using their powermatch quiz #makeuproutine #ilmakiage #ilmakiagefoundation #ilmakiagereview

♬ ALMOST HOME – Mad Adix, Marc Steinmeier

How come it doesn’t make skin oily?

First off, it’s a matte finish (and not dewy) which helps. Us oily skin folk don’t need the help of dewy products as we’ve got enough ourselves. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which is known for keeping the skin hydrated by regulating sebum production (sebum = oily substance that sits on the skin).

il makiage foundation shade 35 review
This is Il Makiage’s shade 35 foundation on my skin in bathroom lighting (so not the best!)

What I like about the foundation is that it’s buildable.

In the photo above, I’ve got two pumps on which doesn’t feel heavy. If I wanted to cover my blemishes and hyperpigmentation fully, I’d need more pumps (probably just one extra) but it still wouldn’t feel heavy on my skin.

One of the reasons why I don’t often wear foundation is the weight of it and how it feels after a few hours of wearing foundation. I’ve got oily skin, especially on my forehead. I always notice whenever I’ve got foundation on because it feels sweaty by the end of a long day, but Il Makiage foundation lasts all day and I’m not desperate to take it off at the end of the day. I also get help from the Il Makiage primer, to keep the foundation lasting even longer.

Il Makiage foundation review on oily skin
This is my skin after a workout with the foundation on. My skin is dewy, not oily.

As you can see, my skin looks dewy and glowing. The foundation has stayed in place and hasn’t separated or moved into my fine lines. It’s stayed intact so well you can’t really see the hyperpigmentation on my forehead. Also, it didn’t make my skin feel oily enough I had to remove my makeup the minute my workout was complete.

Il Makiage products – are they non-comedogenic? I’ve recently looked at the ingredients of Il Makiage’s most popular products – the foundation ‘woke up like this’, the ‘f**k I’m flawless concealer and the Il Makiage primer. Check out the results here.

How much is it and where can I buy it?

The foundation is £39 + delivery is £3.95. Delivery is free over £50. Get 10% off using code ‘welcome10’ using the link below.

Buy from their website, https://www.ilmakiage.com/uk/212-66050-woke-up-like-this

If you buy a monthly subscription you get 10% off (making the foundation £35.10), 20% off future deliveries and a free foundation brush (worth £38 which I’ve bought and use!). It says on their website you can easily cancel online (this is at the time of writing):

Il Makiage’s Returns Policy

Il Makiage has a very impressive returns policy. If you answer the questions in their POWERMATCH tool which helps you find your colour, they offer a 60-day returns policy (normally 30 days).

In general, any product purchased through our shade-matching quiz(s) is eligible for a sixty-day return period.

see their FAQs here

See my full reviews here on other Il Makiage products:

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