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Wedding-Planning Seating Table Plan With 4-8 Tables Including Top Table – Made By A Bride

Everything feels so much better when you get your ideas and thoughts out of your head down on paper. That’s why I’ve created this free PDF for you to download to help organise where people are sitting on your big day.

The PDF below includes these pages. Feel free to just print out whichever you need:

  • Table Plan – 4 tables, plus top table
  • Table Plan – 5 tables, plus top table
  • Table Plan – 6 tables, plus top table
  • Table Plan – 7 tables, plus top table
  • Table Plan – 8 tables, plus top table
  • Tips and ideas after my own wedding, with space left for you to add your own notes

I hope they help keep you organised and stress-free!

Download here the Wedding Seating Table Plan

How does it look in the real-world?

So you can see what it looks like, I’ve loosely written on how my wedding tables looked.

  • My favourite people (best friends) faced the top table so if I looked up, I could see their face to help keep me calm!
  • Kids and dietary requirements (vegan, veggie) were labelled on the seating plan
  • Kids were labelled with a circle, so the staff knew where to put the bubbles that we bought to keep the kids entertained
  • Tables were labelled after our favourite places
Using my free template, this is how my wedding seating table plan would have looked
A close up example of how my wedding table would have looked using my free template

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