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Is it worth having a guestbook at a wedding?

It all depends on whether or not you’ll enjoy reading the comments made by guests at your wedding. I personally sit down with my husband every anniversary and read through the comments – they still make us smile (and laugh!).

If you aren’t sure, or think you might regret even a tiny bit not having one, it’s worth it – you can get cheap ones for a tenner, or ones higher quality like the ones I make for just over £20.

People write all sorts of comments in guestbooks. Depending on when you bring it out depends on what the comments are like! If you bring it out, or have it around all the time, the chances of getting funnier comments as the night goes on is high (when more booze is drunk).

I’ve written in a few guestbooks whilst intoxicated and like to think I make the happy couple smile whenever they read what I wrote. Probably something rude, but I have no idea.

Wedding guestbook alternatives

If you don’t want a guestbook, there are loads of other options. My sister-in-law and her husband had a finger print tree, so each guest dipped their thumb in pen and added their print to a tree (I haven’t done it justice with this explanation – google it!) Others include writing your names on a heart, then dropping it into a wedding-slot-machine type thing.

An extravagant option would be to have a photo booth, where guests have their photo taken, then they stick it in a book with their message – so you’d still be able to use a normal guestbook but with the extra addition of a fancy photo booth. I’ve been to a wedding where my friend had this; you got 2 photos – one to keep, and one to add to their book 🙂

My guestbooks I make for couples

I might as well plug my own guestbooks – I make them to order, and they come in 2 sizes – A5 or slightly larger. The pages range from 24-32 and all come boxed for protection. I have over 40 ribbon colours to choose from, to make sure it matches your theme (samples available too).

If you decide to buy, use this voucher code ‘helloagain’ for 10% off as a thank you for reading to the end. See my range of guestbooks here.

wedding guestbook ideas - my burgundy guestbook for weddings
This is my larger version guestbook with Burgundy ribbon – use my code above for £££ off!

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