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Tear Trough Dermal Fillers for under eye bag area puffiness- my experience and honest review

This is my 3rd time getting dermal fillers for my puffy under eye bag area. Since my late 20s (I’m now mid 30s) I’ve tried SO MANY products to help reduce the puffiness – absolutely nothing worked, and it’s since visiting my consultant that I know why.

She pressed her finger on my eyelid, which bulged out the fat from my under eye – this shows I have fat rather than water causing my puffy bag, which unlike fat, water can sometimes be helped with the use of gua sha (using a flat tool to massage your face).

Dermal fillers and botox – what’s the difference?

Botox is usually used for fine lines and wrinkles – dermal fillers are for the deeper set folds around the eyes/mouth. Other than this, I have no more information but Google is your friend to find out more – or speak to whoever you’re thinking of booking in with for advice. I haven’t had botox, yet – only dermal fillers for my under eye area.

my before photo – sorry, almost forgot to take a pic – taken just before my appointment in my car
and again

What’s the process?

The lady who does my tear troughs is a qualified nurse, so I have absolute trust she knows what she’s doing. She can also dissolve the liquid if things don’t go well (not always the case – check who you book with).

She first disinfects my skin, then injects 1 entry point per side (so total of 2), which numbs my skin. This is the part that hurts. It’s a painful prick that lasts about 5 seconds. She then inserts a cannula under my skin to the area she wants to put the dermal filler, and slowly starts to release the liquid whilst moving the tip to distribute the liquid evenly. This doesn’t hurt; it’s just uncomfortable and feels strange.

Once finished, he took another look at my tear troughs to make sure they’re even. My right side must have needed some more, so she injected my actual under eye area with a needle this time round, to inject more, which was unpleasant but didn’t hurt. It didn’t bruise either. She didn’t use a cannula for this (it didn’t even bruise).

Cannulas are generally used instead of lots of small injections to reduce brusing/swelling. I’ve never had either; only small spots where she injected me.

The whole process takes around 20 minutes.

If in a few weeks I’d like a top up, I simply get in touch with her and she’ll do this for free.

Pic taken as soon as I got home. At the bottom you can see the injection site which looks like a slight bump with a spot inside
Pic taken as soon as I got home. You can see she’s filled this side more – you can actually see the liquid in my bag area, and the injection site further down

Does it hurt?

Yes as mentioned above, it hurt when she injected me to numb the entry points. Each side was painful and lasted around 5 seconds, each. After this, there was no pain – just uncomfortable during the rest of the process.

How much does it cost?

In total it cost £350 for both eyes. I’m not sure how much ML she puts in each side.

How long does it last?

It lasts anywhere from 6 months to a year. Before covid, I got mine done each year but even when I had my annual appointment, I wasn’t feeling desperate to get it done. This time round, I haven’t had it done for 2 years so they are deeper than ever.

the left has been slightly less filled than the right


It breaks down over time, so it makes sense to leave the fillers alone as much as possible. This means being extra careful when touching your under eye area – putting on makeup, removing makeup, applying products etc. I’m extremely careful, for no other reason than wanting the filler to last as long as possible!

a few days after without any make up – huge improvement – no bag at all, just slight darkness
a few days after – looking down
a few days after – another angle

Why do you get it done?

My under eye bags have always upset me. I always look tired even if I’m not. I’ve always been conscious of them, even though other people I mention them to say, ‘oh I’d have never noticed if you hadn’t said anything’.

The money I’ve spent, and time I’ve wasted trying out new products, from coffee to eye masks, cold spoons in the freezer to expensive makeup – nothing has worked effectively at making me feel better than this treatment.

I would whole-heartedly recommend it. I’ll continue with it, probably forever.

Update: top up, 3 weeks later

I asked for a top up a few weeks after, as my left eye wasn’t quite as full as my right. She did this for me free of charge.

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