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How To Dermaplane Easy At Home in 5 Simple Steps

I’ve dermaplaned my skin for years and I love it! Not only does it remove dead skin cells to make skin appear brighter, it also removes hair, so anything you put on your face, like make-up, smoothes on better and stays on for longer.

Here’s how I use Estrid Dermaplaning Kit to get smooth skin. I use it once every few weeks and no, the hair doesn’t come back thicker/longer/darker.

Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
You get 3 in a pack for under a fiver – the top folds in for safety and is great for travel (as it takes up less space)
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit – you get 3 in a pack for under a fiver
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin

How do you dermaplane safely?

I practised on my leg first as it’s easy to nick yourself at the start when you aren’t familiar with how to use a razor. Your face has lots of small bumps and thin skin, so you need to be careful. I still nick myself even now if I’m not paying attention.

I use the razor along with the hair – don’t go against the hair growth. Doing this you’re more likely to hurt yourself as there’s more resistance so it’s easier for the razor to move when it shouldn’t.

I usually start at the sides of my ears and slowly move back and forth until I get down to my chin on either side. I tend to do the fiddly bits (around my lips) last, as that’s when I’m most comfortable with the razor and less likely to nick myself.

I previously didn’t use any cream to smooth my skin – this is a big mistake! It didn’t irritate me, but I’ve since heard horror stories of people dermaplaning which made their skin turn red with really bad acne. See below on how you should prep your skin.

Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit – smooth skin by arching the razor in a light, downwards motion
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Very comfortable to hold due to the nice shape of the tool
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
I mostly love to shave the sides of my face, which collects the most but I also use around my lips, and to help shape my eyebrows (I hate plucking)
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Look at all that fuzz!
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
So satisfying!! As you can see, the hairs are very thin and whispy – they haven’t changed or gone darker/thicker since I’ve started dermaplaning

Get it for £4.95 with free delivery from Estrid.com.

How do you prep your skin?

I dermaplane after a hot shower so my pores are open, and I use soap or sometimes FaceTheory cleanser. I lather up the soap so it’s thick, then rub it gently into my skin. As the soap is thick, it stays on the parts I haven’t done yet, so it’s easy for me to see what skin I still need to do.

When I use soap, I can hear the hair being cut! It’s very satisfying if you like that kinda thing…

What about skincare afterwards?

If you have sensitive skin, you might need to moisturise lots afterwards as your skin might be sore. I don’t have sensitive skin, but I always make sure to moisturiser afterwards. Don’t go anywhere near any type of acid or retinol.

Does the hair grow back thicker, longer or darker?

I have light hair so it was never dark, but no, I can confirm it is the exact same as what it was before shaving. The colour is exactly the same, and so is the hair thickness. It doesn’t grow back longer either.

Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Be gone, wisps!

Get it for £4.95 with free delivery from Estrid.com.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

I dermaplane with Estrid because I don’t like my lil’ blonde moustache or whisps growing at the sides of my ears. I love to use the razor around my eyebrows too, to help to give them shape as I hate plucking.

It helps make-up go on smoother and stay on for longer. I’ve also noticed my make-up isn’t as patchy by the end of the day because my skin is smoother.

Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
The fuzz grows back exactly the same as it did years ago before I started dermaplaning

Is dermaplaning the same as using a razor?

Yeah, they’re pretty similar, but dermaplaning is a closer shave so it takes off skin too. It helps make-up stay on for longer, and look better because it’s being put on smoother, less bumpy skin, and it doesn’t seem to crease in my fine lines as much either.

How often do you dermaplane?

I shave every few weeks. I could probably go for a month. The hair doesn’t grow any longer either; it seems to grow to the same length then just stops.

What razor do you use?

I previously used cheapo Amazon disposable razors but recently I’ve been using the Estrid starter kit razor (for legs etc) and found out they do dermaplane razors too. I bought some for £4.95 for 3, and you get free delivery.

Get it for £4.95 with free delivery from Estrid.com.

See my Estrid starter kit blog here that I use on legs, etc. It’s different to this Dermaplaning razor.

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