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Tangle Teezer Compact – my hair’s favourite product

My hair is really thick and is therefore a nightmare to brush when wet but also in a morning. If I use a normal brush, it pulls my hair so much it causes me pain on my scalp, so now I use my Tangle Teezer before I use the normal brush. It gets out any knots quickly and easily, without any of the horrible pulling on my hair or head.

Tangle teezer - my review
perfect for wet or thick hair for getting rid of knots/tangles without the pulling

As a side note, it’s reduced hair loss as my hair now isn’t snapping from being pulled so hard.

I bought mine from Amazon for just under £15. Yes it’s pretty dear when you see the alternatives that are <£10, but trust me, buying the quality product is well worth it.

Buy it here from Amazon.

I use my Tangle Teezer before I use my normal brush. I use the normal brush when straightening my hair (I use the brush to pull my hair through the straighteners as using my hand just doesn’t make it as neat) but before I do, I make sure I’ve used the Tangle Teezer to get out any tangles. I also use it straight out of the shower before I put on any hair oils. It allows for a good distribution of any oils I put on my ends.

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