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Rheal Superfoods review – my morning routine to take more vitamins

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Rheal are a wellness company who sell superfoods as powder. They provide you with a quick and convenient way to get extra goodness with no nasties into your body, to help improve your health.

Rheal are a wellness company who make blends (powder) and protein bars, to help to improve your health. It was founded by Charlotte & Sean – both having health problems including Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Coeliac Disease. I first saw this company on Dragons Den a few years ago – they got offers from all 5 dragons so I was instantly intrigued as I love finding ways to be more healthy (especially when it’s as easy as blending powder with water! Yeah I’m pretty lazy).


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Here’s my morning Rheal routine (via Tiktok!)

I have a subscription to both Balance Tonic and Clean Greens which help me throughout the month with a range of hormonal moods. I tend to take Balance Tonic the week before & during my period, as it helps my mood, reduces bloating. I take Clean Greens on the other 2 weeks, just to switch it up a little. It makes me feel healthier – like I’ve got a spring in my step.

What are the benefits of Rheal superfoods?

I’ve tried and take regularly Clean Greens and Balance Tonic. The benefits to me have been:

  • increased energy
  • less bloating from foods I have intolerances to
  • a general feeling of ‘feeling better’
  • less cramps during my period

It allows you to get the nutrients of healthy food without having to eat it, if for some reason you don’t like the taste/texture or find healthy foods boring (a bit like me).

Healthy foods can be expensive, especially if you’re making juices which I have in the past. Making with fresh fruit is a pain as the food goes off so quickly, so I changed to frozen fruit, but then found I wasn’t feeling any different & it was a faff every morning having to blend everything.

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What super foods are included in Rheal?

Rheal supergreens Clean Greens benefits
Rheal superfoods – Clean Greens benefits

Clean Greens include these super greens that support ‘wellness’: Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Moringa & Chlorella. Also, Baobab, Pineapple & Camu Camu for a more balanced taste.

Rheal supergreens - Balance Tonic benefits
Rheal supergreens – Balance Tonic benefits

Balance Tonic includes: Ashwagandha, Wild Blueberry, Hibiscus & Baobab.

They’re organic, 100% plant-based, gluten-free. Check out each one for specifics.

Rheal supergreens -  benefits including gluten free, plant based and organic
Rheal supergreens – benefits include organic, plant based and gluten free

I personally use Clean Greens for extra energy (it’s not instant like coffee and there’s no crash) and Balance Tonic for before/during my period as they help reduce cramps and take me from PMS to a happier person!

How often should I take Rheal? Is it okay to have every day?

I use both Clean Greens and Balance Tonic but I don’t have both on the same day. I usually take Clean Greens when I need a bit of extra energy – a few times a week at most. I usually take Balance Tonic the week before and during my period, to help with cramps and PMS, then Clean Greens the other 2 weeks in the month to switch it up.

You get 30 servings per tub but I tend to restock every 2 months as I don’t have one every day.

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What are the flavours like?

I have Clean Greens with a few inches water, heated to warm in the microwave then mixed with a frother (as shown below). I also add half a lemon juice to it, as it helps improve the taste. Sometimes I use oat milk instead of water and don’t include the lemon. The taste is kinda similar to matcha.

I like Balance Tonic with cold water and half a lemon juice mixed with a frother. I usually add chia seeds to it too, as they’re great for extra magnesium (great before your period to reduce cramps). The taste is better than Clean Greens, as it’s more fruity and tangy.

Rheal superfoods - my review

How long do they take to make you feel better?

I’ve been taking for a few months now and can tell overall, I feel healthier and have more energy. I haven’t been taking them daily as the instructions say to, so I probably aren’t getting the full benefits.

It’s a nice morning routine to take before my coffee. Almost makes me think I deserve my coffee for first having something so healthy first!

I have LOADS of intolerances to foods but I still eat them. They make me bloated and grumpy, but I just can’t give up chocolate. I’m pretty sure the Clean Greens help me with digestion too and has helped to reduce bloat.

Rheal superfoods - my review
I have lemon juice with both Clean Greens and Balance Tonic for that extra healthy boost. Chai seeds with Balance Tonic too!

As mentioned I also add lemon juice with each Rheal superfoods. Lemon juice helps your body so much:

  • detox the body
  • reduces cravings
  • lowers stress

There are just the things I’ve noticed by taking lemon juice – there are loads more if you google them. Remember to clean your teeth though as lemons are acidic and bad for teeth.

How much are they?

Clean Greens and Balance Tonic are both £25 for a 30-daily serving. Or £21.25 if you sign up to a re-ocurring subscription, which is what I do and set the subscription to every 2 months.

This is my account – the user interface is lovely and it’s so easy to change the subscription to either push back or bring forward a delivery.

Rheal supergreens - online account visual
The online account is really user-friendly, it’s easy to change your subscription

Where/how do I buy?

Buy from their website. I have a friends and family code where you can get £10 off your first order of £40+. I get a reward if you buy, but I’m not actually sure what it is – let me know if you can figure it out


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AD: #ad Some of my blogs include affiliate links where I get paid when you click through and buy. This doesn't increase the cost you pay. My blogs are my point of view and experience. I don't promote anything I don't like or believe in.

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