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London Nootropics adaptogenic coffee – My honest review after using for 4 months

I saw these guys on Dragon’s Den in Feb 2022 and as they got backing from 2 dragons, I was keen to follow them in their journey. I liked them as well – very passionate and knowledgable about the product. I also love coffee which got my attention.

London Nootropics coffee review - close up of logo
The brown box has cool golden shimmer lettering

London Nootropics sell coffee that comes in 3 flavours – each with a different taste and different benefits, ranging from ginseng, lion’s main, ashwagandha and more. They offer a tasty (in my opinion) and unique coffee taste but made from pure natural ingredients, to stop that spike in high and low you get from normal coffee.

I started with the starter box (£15) but now have their large monthly subscription box (£60) that includes 20 sachets of each flavour.

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London Nootropics coffee review - inside the box after I've rearranged it
Inside the ‘Big Box’ subscription box I get for £60 – 60 sachets (3 flavours). I’ve rearranged the sachets as they don’t come in order like this (I wish they did!)
This is the fancy professional pic from their website!

Adaptogenic coffee – what?

What the heck is adaptogenic coffee?

Nootropics are brain-boosters: they are known to enhance cognitive performance & improve brain health. They work in many ways to produce a wide range of benefits across memory, focus, motivation, verbal fluency & more. Many nootropics have adaptogenic properties – helping your mind & body adapt to physical, mental & emotional stressors and find balance. We have sourced the highest quality natural nootropics from around the world. Our Rhodiola is wildcrafted in the pristine Siberian Altai region and our award-winning Ashwagandha is the highest concentration, most bioavailable full-spectrum root extract on the market today.


London Nootropics use mushroom coffee which has lots of benefits, including antioxidant properties, helps to reduce reduce stress, boosts your immune system and medicinal mushrooms are also anti-inflammatory. The coffee still includes caffeine, but after drinking it for a few months now, I can 100% say there isn’t a spike in energy or low point after an hour or 2 – I feel nice and awake all day.

What’s the coffee like?

Although their coffee is mushroom coffee, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms (it really doesn’t; my husband loves the sachets & has a deep-rooted hatred of mushrooms, so wouldn’t go near if there was the slightest taste of mushroom) – it’s very similar to my normal morning coffee (anything from Costa or Taylors ground coffee in my cafetière or Nespresso pods).

I wanted to try this coffee because although I don’t have anything to say this is true, I tend to feel worse in myself (and mood) when I’ve had a normal coffee. I love the taste, but I don’t think they do anything positive for my mental well-being, and I’m always up for trying new things.

Soya and cream work well with the coffee – there’s no weird mixing or anything like that. My husband who has sneakily nicked a few of my sachets has the coffee with blue full fat milk and says it’s delicious – no weird mixing or separating.

UPDATE: Oct’ 22 – I now have oat milk which works perfectly with these coffees.

London Nootropics coffee review - close up of how Mojo works with my soya
Close up of how Mojo looks with soya

How much coffee do you get in a sachet?

The sachets are a ‘normal size’, 3.5g, but I feel I need a big mug when I have these coffees, and I like a strong coffee! It’s dark before adding milk, so you can see they don’t scrimp at all in the amount you get per serving.

London Nootropics coffee review - close up of how much you get in a sachet
Close up of how much you get in a sachet – that’s a tea spoon, completely full & overloading!
London Nootropics coffee review - close up of Grind flavour
Close up of Grind flavour without any milk – it’s strong and full of flavour

What are the flavours?

I personally couldn’t tell you what the specific differences are – they’re very similar, but mojo is my favourite. I tend to have 2 a day – either grind or mojo in a morning, then zen for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Grind – ‘find mental clarity’, organic dual-extracted lions mane mushroom extract, rhodiola rosea extract, natural flavouring. Lions mane contains lots of amazing properties, and has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting abilities. I tend to have this in a morning as my first coffee of the day.

Mojo (my fav) – ‘power up’, organic dual-extracted cordyceps mushroom extract, siberian ginseng, natural flavouring. Cordyceps is a fungus that helps immunity & the nervous system. I tend to drink Mojo after lunchtime for that post-lunch energy.

Zen – ‘feel calm and alert’, organic ashwagandha root extract, broad spectrum water-soluble CBD (0% THC), natural flavouring. Ashwaganda is a shrub that calms the brain, and can reduce stress. I usually have Zen as my last coffee of the day, in the afternoon. It stops me from finishing work at 5.30 and slumping – I still have energy to workout, take the dogs for a walk, but it doesn’t effect my sleep and has actually improved it.

I already take ashwaganda and CBD pills to reduce anxiety and stress throughout my day. I love having this extra boost in my coffee.

Coffee & caffeine

I wanted to try this coffee because although I love the taste of normal coffee, I can sense negative changes in my mood throughout the day, not to mention the speed in which I get energy and I loose it from the hit and then crash and feel terrible (and wanting another coffee). I like feeling awake but not for small bursts – I want it to be consistent, without the crash.

I like this coffee because that’s exactly what I get. I don’t feel a sudden urge to be productive – it comes on gradually but I’m not jittery or crazed. I feel relaxed and focussed during my day. It really does help – I wouldn’t be without this coffee now (& I love coffee – so much so that my morning coffee is literally THE best part of my day).

What do you get in the box?

The coffee comes in sachets no matter what size box you buy. That’s one of the huge positives for me – it allows me to have a lovely coffee when I commute as I can easily take it in my bag to work, at a small fraction of the cost if I went to the local coffee shop. I also take a sachet with me when I visit family, as they have horrible instant coffee crap (soz!).

London Nootropics coffee review - the box is a good size
The box is a good size and has a white flap making opening it easy

How much is it and what do you get?

Starter boxes with 12 sachets – are £15; perfect if you want to try them before buying a big box. There are a few options – you can buy boxes of individual flavours or a box which has 4 sachets of each of the 3 flavours. I’d recommend going with the ‘starter’ box that contains 4 of each flavour, to see which you like.

Photo from their website of the different small box options (check out all of those reviews!)

I bought the ‘starter box’ first, to see if I liked it. I did and now have a monthly subscription box called the ‘Big Box’ which is £60 per month. I get 20 sachets of each flavour. This lasts me a full month, of 2 sachets a day.

As I’ve got it as a subscription, it’s automatic so I don’t have to do anything (apart from eagerly wait for the postman). My husband (who is a Nespresso snob) has already started nicking a sachet here and there so I can see my subscription box isn’t going to last me a month soon! His favourite is Zen.

They also sell t shirts and a flask that I’ve got my eye on.

Discount codes!

Use my friends and fam code below to get 15% off (I get money off too, if you do this btw! 🙂 )

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Re-using the box

I doubt London Nootropics thought about this whilst designing it, but I reuse the boxes for things around the house. A few examples below! It’s a great size, stays shut and is sturdy.

Our pill box – paracetamols, hay fever etc
London Nootropics box
perfect size for my period products!

UPDATE: 5 Oct 2022 – Still drinking (and loving) this coffee daily. Husband continues to steal.

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