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Lacura Aldi Pink Clay Mask to detox for clean skin – my review

After using Sand and Sky’s Australian pink clay for some time (which is around £36 per 60ml – see my blog here) I decided to give this a try after spotting it in Aldi for £2.99 for 60ml.

Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask – box and brush

I’ve recently been suffering with fungal acne (I think – not properly diagnosed) on my forehead and lots of spots around my chin, so I’ve been very careful about what I’ve been using on my skin as I don’t want to irritate it. I’ve reduced the number of products I’m using down to 5 in total (not all on the same day either) so after buying, I checked the ingredients online – it was an impulse purchase but not an expensive one!

Ingredients – what’s in it?

I use https://folliculitisscout.com to check the ingredients of beauty products. It’s really easy – you simply copy and paste the list of ingredients into the website, and it says whether or not it contains fungal-acne triggers.

I’m not sure why but the list of ingredients isn’t on the Aldi website. I found it on a random website, https://incidecoder.com. It shows that none ingredients are a fungal acne trigger:

Ingredients checked for fungal acne triggers on folliculitisscout.com

I also use another website, not just for fungal-acne: skincarisma.com checks against a load of things including alcohol, paraben, sulfate, silicone etc.

Investigating the ingredients on Skincarisma.com: https://www.skincarisma.com/

It shows Lacura Pink Clay mask is good for as it contains:

  • Dry skin (glycerin, Butylene Glycol)
  • Anti-aging (Citric Acid)
  • Sensitive skin (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder)

But bad for:

  • Dry skin (contains alcohol)
  • Allergins (Limonene – perfume)
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
It looks very creamy

Is it cruelty-free and vegan?

It says it’s cruelty-free on the Aldi website. Nothing about it being vegan unfortunately.

It’s cruelty-free according to the Aldi website
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
It’s slightly less thick than Sand and Sky’s pink clay mask, but no difference in quality (in my opinion)

I decided to go ahead with it, even though it contains a few naughties (alcohol for one). My main concern was fungal-acne triggers, and as it doesn’t have any, I went ahead.

When I was in the store, I read the box which states:

draws out impurities…. refines pores, contains witch hazel

according to the box

I really wanted a mask to clear my skin – to give it a really deep down gentle cleanse.

As you can see from this photo, my forehead has a very uneven skin tone plus several bumps (which I think is fungal acne). I also get lots of black heads on my nose and chin I want to clear out.

Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
It feels lovely and creamy to apply but isn’t runny so it stays on your skin

Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
The brush you get within the box allows you to make a neat job applying the mask
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
10 minutes later – lots of drying, and you can see the pores on my nose being cleaned out
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
Lots of little bumps on my forehead are being cleaned out at this point
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
It dried in just over 13 minutes and was flakey

How long do you leave it on for and how do you remove?

The box advises you to leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse off with a warm flannel. I did as instructed. Compared to the expensive Sand & Sky mask, it was a lot harder to remove. With Sand & Sky, I used to remove it in the shower and it took less than 30 seconds with warm water. This took me around 5 minutes. It was hard to remove and stubborn, so it took me longer as I was being extra gentle with my skin.

Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
I used a smooth, soft, warm damp flannel to remove the mask
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
It took me over 5 minutes to remove as it was quite stubborn
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
This was my skin BEFORE using the mask – you can see an oily forehead
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
AFTER using the mask – a different light (sorry) BUT you can see my skin looks brighter and less congested
Lacure Aldi Pink Clay mask - box and brush
My skin afterwards was a little red from getting the mask off and my fungal acne on my forehead wasn’t happy and quite raw

This was my skin the day after – it’s bright, slightly red on my nose but my skin is SO much clearer. I’ve always got red on the sides of my nose, so don’t let that put you off.

The mask has massively reduced the bumps on my forehead and it looks much less oily:

The day after – my skin is so much clearer – still have acne, but it’s less red and the bumps on my forehead are reduced. I’ve always got red on the sides of my nose!

What’s your review? Would you use the Lacura mask again?

Yes I would absolutely use it again. It cleared out my skin and got rid of my congested areas. It hasn’t made the bumps on my forehead any worse. I’m 100% going to use this as part of my routine, probably using once a week.

The pot looks like it’ll last 6-8 times so for £2.99 it’s extremely cost-effective. I’ve reviewed Sand & Sky’s mask (retails around £36 for 60ml and also the pink clay mask by T Zone)

If you’re unsure, check out the reviews on the Aldi website – there are currently 75 reviews with an average of 4.8/5!

How much is it?

It’s £2.99 from Aldi for 60ml. You can get it from the Aldi website + £2.95 delivery.

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