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Estrid – The Best Razor Subscription You Didn’t Know You Needed

Sick of buying disposable razors which are horrendous for the environment? I set out to find a good brand that offer a good-priced quality razor that I can trust… with my bits. Hurrah! I found them. They are Estrid:


A couple of points worth mentioning about Estrid that sets them apart from your usual razor brand:

  • they include vegan coating on the soothing strips
  • for every purchase, they donate to Women for Women charity
  • membership – first, you get the razor & some replacement blades. Then you choose how often you need replacement blades.
  • choose out of 5 (random) colours

My first order was £7.95 which included the razor + 2 blades + suction wall mount. This is literally HALF the price from Boots for a standard razor & spares (looking at you, Venus).

Estrid Starter Kit – in colour Bloom

My first order was £7.95 which included the razor + 2 blades and a wall mount.
so I always open parcels on my carpet when I’m excited

The packaging – it’s recyclable as it’s made from paper, which I like. You get a leaflet which tells you the benefits.

Estrid razor packaging
Estrid razor packaging – easily fits through letterbox
Estrid razor packaging
Cute lil leaflet adds to the brand!

Why did I choose Estrid?

I’ve been targeted with a few razors on Instagram lately but decided on Estrid due to:

  • the price – is pretty low and then future orders (just the razors) are a reasonable price and delivered at a time that suits me (every 3 months for example)
  • cruelty-free and vegan – some razors use animal products to make the strips smooth (did you know that? I didn’t) – not Estrid
  • I can easily manage my online subscription – I can cancel orders easily, request razors at different times if I need them sooner or want to push back a delivery
  • a nice-looking razor with a suction wall mount

I wasn’t massively excited by their choice of colours:

not a fan of any as I’m not into pastels – but appreciate they look cute

The colours are all a nice pastel shade and very girly. I went for baby pink, called Bloom. They’ve recently released blue which I’d have definitely gone for if it was out at the time.

UPDATE 12 July’23 – this is now the latest section of colours:

Estrid Razor review - close up
Estrid Razor review – close up in its wall mount
Estrid Razor review - close up
Estrid Razor review – pretty standard size

The razor itself – what’s it like?

The body is steel – it feels extremely well-made and expensive. I’m used to disposable razors which weigh next to nothing so holding this was a bit of a shock – it’s not light.

It has 5 blades and it has a smoothing strip above and below the blades. The light blue part feels very smooth; it reminds me of the floor in a swimming pool – slippery. It helps the razors glide smoothly over your skin. After using it a few times, I can definitely agree with this – it feels very smooth on my skin, there’s no pulling or tugging of hairs and even over my knees (where I usually get cuts) I haven’t cut myself once.

Estrid Razor review - close up of the blades
Estrid Razor review – close up of the individual blades

The wall mount

It’s pretty simple but I like it. It’s in the same colour as the razor and feels like its made of the same material – solid steel. It isn’t anything fancy – you wet the plastic part and push it against the wall which helps it grip. It has a small flap so if you need to move it, you can use the flap to bring it off the wall.

Estrid Razor review - close up of the wall mount
Estrid Razor review – close up of the wall mount
Estrid Razor review - close up of the wall mount
Estrid Razor review – close-up of the suction wall mount

Want to try it for £7.95? Get the starter kit here >

Is it any good?

I’d say so, yeah – I like it a lot. Considering it cost £7.95 for the razor + 2 blades, then subsequent months it’s £9.99 for 4 blades (I’ve set mine at every 3 months) it’s a lot cheaper than razors such as Venus you can buy from supermarkets. Venus razors on Boots.com range from £7 – £13, and a blade pack of 3 is around £8 – £10.

It’s smooth – as I’ve mentioned, it hasn’t cut my knees which usually happens, no matter how careful I am. It’s also great for getting into smaller, ahem, delicate areas. I trust it unlike the disclosable where I’d draw breath to brace myself before using.

It also looks cool, hanging on the wall, and doesn’t take up any bath-rim space.

Want to try it for £7.95? Get the starter kit here >

UPDATE: 29 Dec 2023

I’ve been using it for nearly 2 months now and can honestly say, I really like it. It glides over skin; doesn’t leave me with red bumps and is easy to clean (I take the head off and clean it whilst showering). It isn’t easy to take off the wall holder whilst in the shower – the handle gets slippy when wet so it’s hard to pick it off the holder without the holder also coming off – this is the only negative so far.

UPDATE: 7 June 2023

Still using and loving! I replace the blade every so often but it lasts AGES. I’ve pushed back delivery a few times too, as I don’t need new blades. It’s easy enough to do on their website and they send a reminder email so I don’t feel they’ve been sneaky by not reminding me like so many brands do.

Want to try it for £7.95? Get the starter kit here >

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