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Cheap Alternative to Sand & Sky Clay Mask – T-Zone Pink Clay Mask- my honest review

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Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask is around £36 for 60g, so when I heard there is a much more affordable alternative, I jumped at the chance to buy.

T-Zone 125ml Pink Clay Mask is around £6. I got mine from Superdrug.

It’s also vegan and cruelty-free! Hurrah!

Cheap Alternative to Sand & Sky Clay Mask - T-Zone Pink Clay Mask - the product
Cheap Alternative to Sand & Sky Clay Mask – T-Zone Pink Clay Mask | £6 gets you 125ml from Superdrug

What does it do for skin?

T-Zone Australian Pink Clay Mask with Kakadu Plum is enriched with brightening Kakadu Plum Extract and Vitamin C, hydrating Aloe, soothing Witch Hazel, skin clearing Rosemary, and nourishing Vitamins A & E, to…

from the Superdrug website

Pretty much the same as Sand and Sky, it’s meant to be used a few times a week to detoxify and brighten the skin. It goes on like a paste and you leave it on for 15 minutes whilst it turns white.

T Zone Pink Clay review - this is my face and it shows how it dries
T Zone Pink Clay review – I don’t put it on my dry areas. You can see it’s started to dry here, shown with the whiter patches (ends of nose; bottom part of chin)

How is it different to Sand and Sky?

Apart from the price of course mentioned above.

Personally I’d say you can feel the difference when you put it on your skin. T-Zone’s version doesn’t come with a brush so you need to use your fingers, which gets messy. Even after shaking the tub, the texture of the paste isn’t anywhere as thick as Sand and Sky and doesn’t have the same feel in luxury. It stayed on my face fine though and didn’t run.

T Zone Pink Clay review - this shows how runny it is
T Zone Pink Clay review – it’s pretty runny especially in comparison with its comparison, Sand and Sky
Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask comparison review
This is Sand & Sky which I’ve also tried – you can see just how much thicker the product is here. It feels more luxurious than T Zone. And it’s £36 for 60g, so a lot dearer.


I have combi-skin. I have an oily forehead and T zone, normal skin over my cheeks, and dry/sensitive skin to the sides of my nose. As you can see, I didn’t put the product on my sensitive bits.

Yes I’d buy it again. It clears my pores and they visibility look cleaned out, and my face looks smooth. My oily forehead is calmed for a few days.

Would I buy this cheaper option from T-Zone if money wasn’t an issue? Naaaah, I’d stick to Sand & Sky.

Check out my Sand and Sky blog here.

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