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Beauty Pie Fruitizyme 5-min Facial – my honest review

This 5-min facial is to be used once or twice a week and is supposed to smooth, purify and resurface your skin. It helps to:

  • prevent and reduce clogged pores
  • leaves skin clear, smooth and clean
  • dissolves the top skin layer to remove surface impurities

It’s vegan and cruelty-free!

Beauty Pie Fruitizyme 5-min Facial - close up of bottle
75ml tube which is made from 55% recycled plastic & is fully recyclable
Beauty Pie Fruitizyme 5-min Facial - photo of the actual product
it’s a thick paste that feels high quality and has a slight perfume

How much is it? and how much do you get?

It’s £60 without being a Beauty Pie member or £10.82 if you are. Not sure how the Beauty Pie membership works? Read my article where I explain.

You get 75ml in the tube which is a good amount for the quality and compared to other brands.

Tube made from 55% recycled plastic and fully recyclable


What does it feel and look like?

It is a thick paste that’s a little oily and goes on to look greasy.

Beauty Pie Fruitizyme 5-min Facial - photo of the product on my skin
already starting to get breakouts when I decided to use it – this is what the product looks like when on your face

After using Fruitizyme, my skin felt amazingly smooth. Creams glided over my face which was a lovely feeling. With breakouts starting, I thought it would be a good time to refresh my skin – but unfortunately it’s made my skin worse.

I’ve got big red spots at the sides of my face and on my forehead which weren’t there prior to using. I’m not sure if this is because the product is oily which has made my already-oily forehead worse, or the product is working by taking off the top layer of skin therefore making my skin worse before it gets better.

The spots haven’t put me off – I’m going to use again in future as the rest of my skin is soft and smooth.

I’ll update again when I re-use the product to see if it again causes acne.

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