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9 tips on how to get rid of spots and take care of your skin

Written by 28 April 2019

Updated: 27 July’18 & 12 Mar’21

For the past few years I’ve started getting really bad (for me) spots the week before my period is due. Not only that, I also get spots throughout the month – on the sides of my forehead, my cheeks and my chin.

After reading LOTS of blogs and getting advice from friends, my skin not only looks more glowy but any spots I do get fade a LOT quicker than they used to. Here’s my list of things to do, and not do, to reduce the risk of getting spots but how to get rid of spots and take care of your skin.

  1. Don’t pop spots
  2. Assess what you’re putting on your face
  3. Use clean towels
  4. Use clean pillow cases
  5. Are you removing all your make up?
  6. Clean your make up brushes
  7. What make up are you using?
  8. What vitamins are you taking?
  9. Get a spot clearing gel

Don’t pop spots

You don’t have to tell me how hard this one is. There’s not much else better than popping a good spot and having the gunk ooze out! But this is doing your face no good at all. The white stuff in a spot is actually magical liquid helping to GET RID of the spot. So guess what? By squeezing the white goodness, you are 1. removing the goodness fighting the spot 2. making the bacteria go further into your skin increasing the size of the spot and increasing the time it takes to go 3. probably going to leave yourself a scar.

Tips for leaving your spots alone

Don’t look in a mirror.

When I get in and take my makeup off, my most popular time of day for a good spot-popping session was after my evening shower, after I’d taken my makeup off. Spots look worse after a shower because the hot water makes your pores open.

After a shower, I don’t even go near my (amazing) magnifying mirror. I put my creams/moisturiser on without even looking. I don’t see my face all red and by the time I look in a mirror, my face has cooled and so have my spots.

Assess what you’re putting on your face

Be honest – how many creams/moisturisers/primers are you putting on your face in a day? When I did this assessment, I realised I was:

  1. cleaning my face with a product (morning)
  2. putting 2 moisturisers on (morning)
  3. putting primer on (morning)
  4. putting make up on (morning)
  5. removing make up with a product (evening)
  6. putting 2 moisturisers on (evening)
  7. putting on night cream moisturiser (evening)

So that’s a total of 9 different products I was covering my face with per day. Your skin is only thin – it can’t possibly hold this much. I figured something must be irritating it so I started to slowly reduce 1. how much of each product I was using (1 drop instead of 2) 2. reduce the total amount of products I was using.

Now my routine looks like this:

  1. cleaning my face with a product (morning)
  2. putting 1 2 moisturiser on (morning)
  3. putting primer on (morning)
  4. putting make up on (morning)
  5. removing make up with a product (evening) I use the same product on my eyes, but for my face, I now use a biodegradable wipe
  6. NEW: I use a gentle microfoliant to remove every last trace of make up and removes dull surface skin
  7. putting 2 moisturisers on (evening) same – but 1 drop of each; not 2
  8. putting on night cream moisturiser (evening)

My skin honestly feels like it’s breathing again – and my spots have reduced from this routine. I still put a lot (in my opinion) on my face but I’m more aware of what I’m doing.

Use clean towels

If when you wash your face, you dry it with the closest towel… stop! Your partner could have just used that to dry their arse. Or feet. The towel could have been sat there wet for a time, collecting germs.

I never dry my face with a towel. I use 3-4 sheets of toilet paper and gently tap. If I have spots, I take extra care not to use the same section twice.

The same can be said if you use a reusable make up remover cloth. If you leave it out damp or wet, it’ll collect mould so it’s the last thing you want to use on your face.

Use clean pillow cases

I sleep for 7-8 hours so that’s a lot of time my face is lay on something. If you have spots, the bacteria will rub off on to your pillow and stay there, so the next night, that bacteria will make its way back to your face.

Every night I turn around my pillow. I sleep on the same side, so I can get 4 nights out of 1 pillow before washing. Or if I can’t be bothered to wash it, I’ll put my pillow inside a clean, comfy hoodie and use that until I wash my pillow case.

Are you removing all your make up?

I’ve used Face Halo for a while now with The Body Shop Camomile butter make up remover. I recently used a wipe afterwards and I found I still had make up on my face. This is not good. I really suffer if I don’t remove all my make up with spots. I re-use the Face Halo without washing it; something my husband pointed out is probably not a good thing as with it sat being damp, it’ll collect mould/bacteria.

My Face Halo’s have seen better days
The Body Shop Camomile butter – for removing make up

I therefore changed my routine a little. I still use the camomile butter on all my face including my eyes, but I only use the Face Halo on my eyes to remove mascara. On my face, I use 1 biodegradable Simple wipe. I also wash my Face Halo after every use with soap, and make sure I wash it with clothes properly in the washing machine once a week.

Clean your make up brushes

Easily forgotten! If you’re constantly hiding spots, you need to constantly be cleaning your brushes.

I use soap to clean mine, then leave them on the radiator to dry.

Clean your make up brushes weekly or even daily

What make up are you using?

Do you have new spots appear during the day? If so, that could be a sign your make up is irritating your skin.

There is so much written about mineral make up being better for you (such as Bare Essentials). I’m not an expert so I don’t know. Your best bet is to try and see what works for you.

I use The Body Shop Fresh Nude foundation. It has 24 hour moisture, SPF15, and is light but buildable.

What vitamins are you taking?

I’ve been taking biotin for hair growth. It works! But at the same time, too much, you guessed it, can bring on spots. I found this to be true. Since I’ve stopped taking a daily biotin vitamin, my spots have reduced. I now take only 2 per week.

Get a spot clearing gel

My husband swears by Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Booster for putting on angry spots to help them disappear. I personally prefer Benzoyl Peroxide which kills the bacteria in spots. I get the 2.5% from eBay. It’s strong stuff so anything more dries my skin terribly.

Update: 27 July 2018

I’m still continuing with the same routine. My skin is SO MUCH better. I do have spots that appear, in particular on my forehead, but from not picking them, by the morning they’re gone.

Update: 12 March 2021

I’ve just started using polyester pillowcases which are soft enough to help improve your skin. They don’t soak in the lotions and potions you put on before sleeping, unlike cotton. I’m using them instead of silk, which isn’t cruelty-free. Have a read of my article where I discuss my new polyester pillowcases & show how my hair looks after sleeping. I was happily surprised!

• • •

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