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How to make a DIY wooden necklace display holder

I felt sorry for my previous necklace holder. It was buckling under the pressure. The effort needed to separate each necklace was becoming such a pain.

Instead of buying new display, I wanted to make one from excess wood from our garden (RIP bench). I looked on Pinterest at examples I liked then decided to go for it. I’ve only made one but figured I’ve learned a few tricks and tips that might be useful to other fellow crafters deciding to take on this challenge.

Ta daaaaa

You will need:

  • Wood
  • Practice wood
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Saw
  • Sand paper
  • Peg
  • Screws to hold necklaces
  • Drill with small drill bit
  • Adjustable spanner
  • Tea towel
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Ribbon

1. Prepping your wood

You need to prep your wood (!) I used a piece from a garden bench that had fallen apart.

I sawed it down to size, then used sand paper to file the sawed edge plus the rest of it. Filing each side gets any dust/dirt off it so paint stays on better and is smooth.

2. Paint the wood

Paint the wood in several thin coats. Don’t whack a thick coat on or it’ll run and you’ll have blobs running down the sides (not nice).

TIP: use a peg halved to prop up the wood on the underside which minimises smudges. If you leave the wood after painting on newspaper, that newspaper will stick (not nice).

Use a peg after painting to stop the underneath smudging

3. Prep the hooks

I wanted matching gold hooks so on a practice piece of wood, I screwed them all in slightly and went to town (outside) with the paint. Due to the hooks being shiny, I had to go over bits twice (and again at the very end, you’ll see why!)

Painting the hooks gold on practice wood

4. Measure where your hooks will go

I know from experience you just want to get cracking but make sure you measure up properly where your hooks will go before you drill any holes.

I decided to have 4 larger hooks on the bottom for larger, heavier necklaces – and smaller ones above in a zig zag (so my necklaces won’t hit each other).

5. Add the hooks

This was the most time-consuming bit. Little did I know that they just wouldn’t be screwed into the wood with brute-force alone.

I used a drill with the smallest drill bit to start off the hole for me, making sure the hook was bigger (don’t drill a hole bigger or the hook simply won’t stay in) then screwing the rest in just with my hand.

Using a drill to start off the hole – for the larger hooks

The smaller hooks were smaller than the drill bit so I wasn’t able to drill as far in like I did with the bigger hooks – because they’d just fall out. I used the drill to start me off – perhaps 2-3mm then with brute force I screwed them in.

Towards the end when it was getting hard, I used a spanner to help.

Using the drill to start off the hole again but not going as far in this time – due to the hole being larger than the hook

TIP: when using the spanner make sure you put something BETWEEN the spanner and the hook, especially if you’ve painted the hook. I didn’t for the first one and it took some of the paint off. After that I used a tea towel to protect the hook.

Using a tea towel with the spanner to protect the painted hooks

Make sure your hooks are straight and facing the right way.

It was at this point I needed to apply more paint to the hooks after the spanner took some of it off. I sprayed a piece of paper then with a used/clean nail varnish applicator, carefully repainted the hooks.

Retouching the hooks with paint using a used/clean nail varnish

6. Decide how you are putting it on the wall

I wanted to use ribbon so I used 2 small hooks on the top edge with ribbon, lined up with the larger hooks.

One problem with this is it’s on a tilt so I’ve had to arrange my necklaces by their weight. Too much weight on one side will make it uneven. I’ve fixed this by adding 2 small nails underneath – just something to be aware of.

I used a small nail to hold the holder to the wall behind the ribbon. As the weight isn’t much, I figured this would be okay. If you have heavy things then you might want to look at alternative ways.

The finished project

And there you have it. A DIY wall necklace display holder! I made this within a few hours (doing other things whilst the paint dried). I hope you’ve found this useful. Get crafting!

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