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Wedding Entertainment Ideas You’re Bound to Love

Written by 21 August 2020

What are the reasons for entertaining guests at your wedding?  The reason is that the wedding day takes long hours with different ceremonies and guests celebrate with couples through the long hours from the wedding breakfast to the evening party. Most times guests and couples may end up wilting and get bored. So to make your wedding memorable and enjoyable for you and your guests, couples need to plan a ceremony with the right entertainment.

Different entertainment ideas will keep your guests amused and provide that extra special experience through the wedding ceremony. Here, we will discuss the different wedding entertainment ideas you’re bound to love.

Keep your guests entertained at your wedding with these great ideas!

Fire Dancers

One of the entertainment ideas you are bound to love is fire dancers’ performance. It will create the right moment to make sure you enjoy and have an amazing time. Create a reception timeline to make sure you and your guests are thrilled by the different exciting and amazing tricks. Hire fire dancers to perform at your wedding.

 Fire dancers sometimes perform dangerous routines that will bring out the bang and highlight of your wedding. Fire dancers’ performance will keep spirits high and will be sure to make families and friends talk about your wedding for years to come.

Wedding Magicians

Guests of all ages will love to watch a magician perform at your wedding. Magicians are easy to organise and they are sure to bring that WOW-factor to your wedding. Couples can create a reception timeline where the magicians can perform and mingle with guests during rounds of mid-meal, or in the evening when your guests want a break from dancing.

Wedding magicians are professionals skilled with cool card tricks, close-up tricks and sleight of hand tricks. Their performance will get you and your guests mind working and enjoy every moment of your big day.

Aerial Performers

Who doesn’t love an aerial performer? Let’s be honest, they create a thrilling visual display. Aerial performers can create a pre-choreographed, inventive and exciting show. They can create a unique performance of 4-5 minutes to entertain everyone and also create an amazing visual experience as guests sit and watch.

Live music

Everyone loves music, hiring a live wedding band on your big day will create an exciting experience. when deciding to select a live music band for your wedding to ensure the music is personal to you and your partners .it must appeal to a wide range of friends and families too. A fantastic live performance will bring everyone to their feet, cheering and clapping.


By booking a contortionist, your wedding will surely create an amazing moment for you, your friends and family members. Contortionists will entertain everyone with daring flexible feats by using the skills of martial arts, dance, gymnastics, and yoga to stretch their body.

Benefits of Live Performers at Your Wedding

Having live performers at your wedding will allow you and your guests enjoy and feel the excitement in the air. Motions are always high during a wedding ceremony, setting for live performers at your wedding will create a special moment for everyone.

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