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I bought the Leughtturm1917 ruled A5 NoteBook – this is my review

Written by 5 February 2018

Let me start by saying I’m stationery-obsessed. I’m talking so obsessed that if I need a ‘pick-me-up’ in the middle of the day, I don’t jump on a chocolate fix. I go to Ryman and buy a new pen. Yes…. #nerdalert.

I absolutely love stationery and how organised it makes me feel (whether or not I am is a different story)

So I decided to spend a bit more than usual on a notebook. This isn’t any notebook, of course. It’s a Leughtturm1917.


Founded in 1917, Leuchtturm can look back on over 90 years of experience in the production of high-quality stationery. Experience and consistency are important requirements for quality. quality gives ideas a solid foundation on which they can develop. We are convinced that small details can make a big difference.

It doesn’t come with a pen loop, but I’d already purchased a Leughtturm1917 pen loop for my previous notebook (a Paperchase Eco Kraft A5 for £5.50). The pen loops come in the same colours as their notebooks, so you can match. You can get them from Amazon or eBay for between £2-£3.

I decided on a Navy front although it comes in over 20 different colours. It comes with an elastic hold to keep it shut and 2 dividers – all Navy too, in keeping with the theme and making it look sooo darn professional.

I’ve previously had spiral-bound notebooks to allow easy writing near the edges (as usual because of the bend in the middle, it’s hard to fill the whole line) however I was finding I was struggling even with my Paperchase spiral bound book. My hand was reaching the spiral even halfway through the page. With this, the middle pages bend in almost flat, so you can write all the way up to the edge without any messing or any uncomfortable feelings.

The book is approx 1.6cm in width, perfect for fitting in my bag or taking to meetings. From the outside, it looks plain and simple.

Don’t judge me & my Lion King ruler…

The pages are a light yellow colour, making it easy on the eye. I don’t know about you, but I always use a light-filter when using a computer, especially late at night. It helps your eyes wind down if it’s near bedtime. If you use a computer (or notebook) that’s bright white, your brain will think it’s daylight (even if it’s late) because of the brightness so you’ll struggle to switch off.

I’ve used the notebook with a Pilot VB5 0.5mm V Ball Liquid Ink pen. It doesn’t run through the pages (shown on the picture above) and is a smooth writer.

The pages are numbered up to 249. There’s a page at the start titled ‘Name and Address’. Following this, there are another 3 pages dedicated to ‘Contents’ where you can link a page number.

The back page includes an envelope-style holder where you can store pages or whatever the heck you want. It’s not made with cheap paper; it’s actually thick and looks similar to cotton (no idea if it is) so it doesn’t look like it’ll fall to bits from regular usage.

I’m so chuffed with this notebook; it’s well worth the money. I bought it from Amazon for £12.99. Take a look at the reviews – they are excellent! I’m pretty sure if you can relate to my notebook obsession and can appreciate gorgeous quality paper, you’ll love this.

• • •

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