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How much does a wedding cost?

Written by 18 October 2017

Weddings cost a lot. I definitely won’t deny that. I got married 3 years ago and it cost thousands (less than £10,000 though which in today’s news is unheard of)

I’m going to give you ideas to help you spend LESS on your big day.

1. Got friends and family? Rope them in!

Get friends to help where they can. One of my friends arranged my beautiful flower centre pieces with artificial flowers I bought from eBay. My Husband’s Uncle did our wedding photography at a fraction of the price it would have been to hire a professional.

2. Shop around

Get quotes from different places. Don’t go with the first one. If you’re set, try to negotiate a price.

3. Charity shops are your friend

I used vases on each table to display flower centre pieces. Several were found from charity shops. I really didn’t want to buy vases because our house seriously isn’t big enough to house 8 of them!

4. Do your own stuff

I found a design for our ‘save the date’ cards online, then went into a local printers to get them printed. I then sent these out in Christmas cards, saving on postage.

5. Don’t buy last minute

If you leave anything until the last minute, you’ll pay over the odds for it. Whether it’s extra delivery costs or quality, you’ll loose out. Make a plan (it doesn’t need to be big) with timelines on when you need to do certain things by. For example, I organised the ‘save the date’ cards to go in Christmas cards, 8 months before the wedding. Postage adds up, especially when it’s a medium-large wedding. Not able to do this? If family members live near each other, send a few in one envelope.

6. Invites

I found invites I absolutely loved. The problem was the price. So we decided to buy 10; we sent these to certain people. Everybody else got a different card (still lovely) but cheaper. We even got a discount because we bought so many.

7. eBay is awesome

We got so much from eBay – to name a few: my bouquet (artificial flowers), my bridesmaids’ bouquets (artificial flowers), buttonholes (artificial flowers – for 10 people), the cheaper-option invites, napkins (our evening reception venue did supply cheaper vs expensive napkins, but we found the same as the expensive ones online MUCH cheaper, then simply supplied the venue with them), my shoes, bags of sparkles for the tables.

8. Do your own make up

I had my usual hairdresser do my hair (plus the bridesmaids and my Mum). We all did our own makeup. I did go for a test at a local place, but I wasn’t keen and my bridesmaids said they’d prefer to do their own faces anyway.

9. Shoes

I sold my shoes not long afterward. I thought they were really nice, but seriously, when was I ever going to wear ones like them again? White with a 2 inch heel and floral on the front – beautiful, but not suitable for anything again. I bought them from eBay for just under £20. Another bargain!

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