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Function of Beauty, hair care personalised – my review

Written by Rachael 27 July 2019

Updated 20 October 2019

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I saw this advertised on Instagram (what a surprise) by a lady I follow. She said how she put into the website the issues she has with hair and they made her a personalised shampoo and conditioner, perfectly suited to her. I had to check it out.

They are called Function of Beauty and they are based in New York. They create personalised hair care treatment that’s personalised to you and your hair concerns.

What I love most is how everything is personalised and tailored to me. The bottles even have my name written on the side and I was able to choose the colours and smells I want.

1. Choose your hair concerns

A screen grab of FoB homepage

These are what I entered as my hair care concerns:

+ anti-frizz
+ volumize
+ fix split ends
+ lengthen
+ replenish hair

I wanted to give my hair some love and attention (and to get rid of the frizz underneath) I’m also having a lot of hair fall out, especially during and after a shower, so I thought giving my hair a boost would help.

These are what’s available when you select your 5 hair goals:

2. Personalise your bottles

You can choose your bottle colours, and choose what they smell like!

I chose blue for my shampoo and purple for my conditioner. I chose ‘peach’ as the smell and I can confirm they smell amazing – so fresh but not overwhelming.

My bottles personalised with ‘rach’. I also got that cute little mirror as a ‘welcome gift’
Choose your shampoo and conditioner colours
Lots of fragrances to choose from

The final (but cutest) last bit of personalisation is your name. They ask for it in the account and print this on the sides of each bottle. I love this!

See my bottle photo where you can see my name!

Where do they stand ethically?

I’ll let Function of Beauty do the explaining 🙂

Taken from the FoB homepage. Don’t let the “Made in America” put you off – I wasn’t charged any import fees/taxes

How much are they?

I purchased both bottles (1x shampoo + 1x conditioner) at 473mL/16oz each for £31.20, all-in, including delivery. This is part of a 3-month subscription service.

Initially I thought “no way am I spending over 30 quid for shampoo”. Then I thought about it. £30 (just over) for 3 months…. £10 a month…. £2.50 a week to have my hair looking and feeling its best. Hmmm. I would happily spend £30 on a face moisturiser which would last about the same time. I’d also buy a pair of leggings for that price without much thought. Why wouldn’t I spend that on my hair?

My hair deserves some love. Just like the rest of my body!

Is it any good?

I can honestly say I’ve never had so many compliments. It’s embarrassing how shiny my hair is.

These 2 pictures are after blow drying (no straightening). It’s normally a frizzy mess underneath but has been tamed by the FoB shampoo and conditioner.

My hair is quicker to dry and style. When I wave my hair, they stay in longer and are bouncier!

Still frizzy but massively reduced

How long do the bottles last?

I received my order on 8th June 2019. When they arrived, I thought I’d smash through them within a few weeks. I wash my hair 4-6 times a week. Here are the bottles exactly 1 month after arriving (8th July 2019).

8th July 2019: I’ve used just under 1/3 in just over a month (I’m on a 3-month subscription)

I use 3 pumps of each for every shower. I use the shampoo on my roots and the conditioner on my hair ends only.

As you can see, I’ve used 1/3 in 1 month so hopefully by the time I finish the bottles (after 3 months, my new ones should arrive).

Update: 1st September 2019

I’ve used quite a bit more shampoo than conditioner. You can see they’re far from finished – even though I’ve now been using them both for 3 months.

1st September 2019: My 3-month subscription has covered me since June and there’s still plenty left!

Update: 2nd October 2019

I’ve now finished the shampoo. It has lasted me since 8th June, so in total just under 4 months. I never thought it would last this long. The slightly expensive up-front cost is definitely worth it, considering how often I’ve washed my hair.

2nd October 2019: My 3-month subscription has well and truly run-over – I have only just finished the shampoo! It’s lasted me just under 4 months!

Update: 18th October 2019

I lasted as long as I could, but the conditioner has finally come to an end. Chuffed it has lasted over 4 months!

18th October 2019 – the conditioner has finally come to an end over 4 months after being received!

Final thoughts after my first 3-month subscription has ended

I can’t believe how long they’ve lasted. The shampoo lasted just shy of 4 months; the conditioner lasted 4 months + 1 week. I never thought from using both 4-6 times per week they’d last this long.

I received my second subscription at the start of September which includes the same as above. I was given the choice via email a few weeks prior to change anything about my order – colours, smells, hair goals.

Due to not using up either within the 3 months, I’ve now set my subscription to be a little longer – 4 monthly to be exact. I’ve done this so I haven’t got bottles sat waiting for me at home; I can give my hair a break from Function (I don’t want my hair getting “used to” the formula so it stops working so well) and use other brands in-between.

Function of Beauty Benefits

I have a “friends and family” code where we both get £5 off. Feel free to use mine here. Remember to check out their website and social media before ordering because they often have freebies/discounts. I’ve used it with a work colleague and it works!

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