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BestSelf Co Breathe Band Bracelet Review

Written by 1 May 2018

What made me buy a BREATHE band?

I’ve become really negative lately.

When one stressful situation happens and then another without being able to ‘get over’ the first, my tolerance levels for everything becomes really low. I mean really low. Something which wouldn’t normally bother me – bothers me much more than it should.

It’s made me downright anxious and unhappy.

I need something to help me – to remind me when I’m about to SAY or THINK something negative, to actually stop and think – NO! Either to stop what I was about to say (and something I’d regret later) or change to say something positive.

That’s where the BestSelf Co BREATHE Band comes in. I’ve followed BestSelf Co for a number of years ever since I bought their Self Journal. I’ve since bought the Letterpress Manifesto which hangs proudly on my #AhoyHQ wall.


The BREATHE Band was created to anchor you through the stress of everyday life. Crafted from natural vegetable-tanned leather and starts out as a light tan color, and will slowly transform and darken to a beautiful burnt sienna color with wear, creating a unique piece to you. 

Taken from the BestSelf Co website

It’s a beautiful concept. Every time you look down at your wrist, you’ll see this gorgeous crafted reminder to take a breath and take a time out – even if it’s for a second.

  • Made with ‘Full grain, vegetable tanned leather from a tannery in Tuscany, Italy’
  • It has a ‘Solid Brass Hardware – Custom designed military-grade hardware with an antique finish.’
  • It is ‘Built to Last – Produced with only plant and vegetable extracts and no harmful chemicals.’


The product page on their website doesn’t give much info. It doesn’t even give the bracelet sizes which is disappointing. I even tweeted them with zero response.

Anyways, I read some of the (many) comments who said it increases in size to ‘fit’ on your wrist. Being a leather material helps the band adjust and mold to your shape. I decided to order a Medium (Small and Large are available too).

Luckily, when you add the bracelet to the cart, the size appears. I’ve listed them for you below:

Breathe Bracelet wrist sizes

What’s my review?

Well first impressions, it’s smaller in width than I expected. On the promotional photo on their website, it looks quite chunky on the ladies arm who models it. Again, this info isn’t present in the product description so there’s no way of knowing before you buy (BestSelf…. c’mon it’s not a big deal to add this extra info to be helpful) It’s about 0.8cm incase you’re wondering.

That being said, I’m not disappointed.

The anchor looks great; it feels nice; it doesn’t feel big or chunky and it’s not obvious so I won’t get people asking about it. You get a cute little bag to keep it safe in (not mentioned on the website).

I’m actually going to have the anchor facing up because I work in an office and the knocking on the desk might annoy me (or damage it). I will need to actively move my wrist to see the words BREATHE but that’s OK – it gives me another second to BREATHE and take time out.

What’s the price?

It cost me including delivery, $34.93 ($28.99 + $5.94 delivery) which at the time of writing is a total of £26.17. To me, this is expensive. I never buy jewelry let alone something to keep me motivated.

But heyyy – your mental health should be a #1 priority even if that means dusting off the cobwebs from your purse. Like I did. Or just wait ’til payday. Like I did.

View the BREATHE bracelet on the UK BestSelf Co website. 

I haven’t (unfortunately) been paid or received any goodies for this review. It’s from my own experience so you can believe it’s 100% honest. I bought the BREATHE bracelet with my cold hard-earned cash. It was NOT gifted for this review. If you click through the above links, I get a small commission if you make a purchase. 

• • •

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